Comparing Hamlet And Gladiator And Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Have you ever wanted revenge so bad that you would do whatever it took to get it? From Hamlet to Gladiator, two men went through great struggles to avenge the death of ones they loved. Throughout these stories, each plot has major differences while keeping multiple similarities between the two. Hamlet by William Shakespeare, is a play that tells the story of a young man on a mission to get revenge for his father’s unjust death. Gladiator is a movie that follows the journey of Maximus who chooses the path of a gladiator to avenge his family 's death after the murder of his emperor. Having been mentally distressed by the death of their loved ones, Hamlet and Maximus both undertake a challenging test to avenge the ones they love. First, both Hamlet and Maximus lose leaders they love due to greed for the throne. This is the main cause for Hamlet to get upset and pursue his plan for revenge and what causes Maximus to rebel against the new emperor. These scenes are arguably the most important in their stories and relates them closely together. In Hamlet, Claudius kills King Hamlet which upsets young Hamlet. After meeting his father 's ghost, Hamlet had to investigate further and see if his uncle is guilty. In Gladiator, Commodus kills Emperor Marcus his father because he was going to give the throne to Maximus. Maximus is very upset by this because he thought of Marcus as a father and decides not to honor Commodus as emperor. Since both Hamlet and Maximus were noble, they have
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