Comparing Hamlet And Laertes And Hamlet's Revenge

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Hamlet is essentially a story based on revenge. The play opens with the outside guards seeing the phantom of the recently deceased King Hamlet. When his son is summoned to him, he tasks him to get revenge for his death. Young Hamlet then spends the following days planning every move of his revenge until he accidentally kills the father of Laertes in an act of misguided rage. This mix up causes Hamlet’s well thought out plan to spiral out of control and puts Laertes on a quest to avenge his father’s murder just as Hamlet is. Laertes however goes at obtaining his revenge in a completely different way than Hamlet does. While Hamlet spent every moment planning every little thing to perfectly get away with killing his father’s murderer, Laertes gathers a band of soldiers and charge around accusing everyone someone says might have done it. While Hamlet puts a lot of planning and secrecy into his approach, Laertes has a much more brutal way of avenging his…show more content…
To maybe get a view on what may have caused these different reactions, first it is crucial to understand the differences between the two, the effect of Ophelia’s death for both of them, and ultimately how both Hamlet and Laertes eventually get their revenge.
The news of their father’s
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Laertes plans on getting his revenge by hitting Hamlet with his poisoned tip sword, while Claudius plans on poisoning him with a drink. Hamlet wins the first two rounds but is struck with Laertes’ poisoned sword which then gets switched with Hamlet’s sword. Hamlet then accidently poisons Laertes with the same sword. Hamlet’s mother drinks the poisoned cup and dies which throws Hamlet into a horrible fit of rage and he stabs Claudius and forces him to finish the poisoned drink. The irony in this death scene is Hamlet dies by the sword, the same way he killed Laertes’ father, while Claudius dies by poison, the same way he killed King

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