Comparing Hamlet And The Lion King

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Hamlet and the lion king Hamlet and The Lion King have many different similarities . The main two similarities are that they both are sorts of a tragedy. They both have a very good meaning when it comes down to the end. The only different thing in the end is that Simba did not die while Hamlet did die. Hamlet is the same as the character Simba.The characters of Hamlet Sr. and Mufasa bear a striking resemblance to one another as Sarabi is the mother to Simba ; same as Gertrude is the mom to Hamlet. Claudius is the representation of scar. Ophelia is the character of Nala. Polonius is Zazu in both play and movie. When the king was killed by his brother because he wanted power same as when Scar killed Sufasa.“To die, to sleep - To sleep,
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