How Are Oedipus And Hamlet Alike

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Back to a long time ago when I was young, my mom would tell me stories about heroes go out and save the day. But behind that glorious scene, most heroes have a background story and it is not a perfect picture sometimes. As human, people tend to make mistakes overtime and flaws are definitely inevitable. After reading Oedipus and Hamlet, they are both heroes with significant tragic story. Hamlet fits more with the definition of a hero than Oedipus for his motivations, traits and actions. Hamlet and Oedipus share some common background, as in they both come from well-off families. Oedipus was born with the blood of gods and also raised by King Polybus and Queen Merope in Corinth. Hamlet was the prince of Denmark, soon to be king. They also have somewhat similar motivation when it comes to the the decision and need to kill the current king from each story. Hamlet’s motivation is the fact that he was questioning about his father’s death as well as his mom’s strange reaction since she had already moved on to a new marriage with Hamlet’s uncle. Oedipus’ is more complicated because he…show more content…
He is a great person and being loved by others. He is a hero, a tragic one that fits Aristotle’s definition. Throughout most scholars note, it is Hamlet’s mistake to act quickly that caused the demolition of most character in the story. But having to live at his time, Hamlet thought killing the king wrongfully would cause his eternal life. And that ghost were evil spirits and were sent to disturb the lives of the living. Hamlet is still a hero, even though he often overthinking about a situation and lose his chances. Being driven and guided by his father ghost, he made the best out of the situation that he did not prepared for, and had his goal was accomplished. His path was uneasy. So what he made a few mistake, it just shows that after all, he is still a human
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