Comparing Hamlet, Macbeth, And Othello

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William Shakespeare wrote four famous tragic stories: Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, and Othello. Those are having different of tragedy. Hamlet contains complex family relationships, Macbeth has an aspect of desiring to his goal, Othello is jealous and failing love, and King Lear possesses regret about the past. Between four tragic stories by Shakespeare and Flowers for Algernon have similar tendencies. Charlie in Flowers for Algernon also experienced failing love, inferior family environment, and losing intelligences which Charlie always want to get. Charlie who is the main character in Flowers for Algernon is poor guy. He lived without family, and worked hard things in his job: bakery. Fortunately, he got a chance to become smarter by surgery. In the end of the story he lost his intelligence with his happy memories, and he went back to his lonely past. Accordingly, the famous four traffic stories back up to Flowers for Algernon is tragic story. Consequently, this story is tragic more than inspiring because Charlie lost his intelligence, which is what he always desired, he fails in love and he experienced…show more content…
However, he fired from the bakery. “”The bakery is my home-“ ”And I treated you like my own son who gave up his life for his country. …”” As, the quote showing Charlie thinks bakery is his home, also Mr. Donner does not let Charlie leaves with malice. However, from Charlie’s point of view it is sad happening to him. He thought he can do more important work in the bakery. The disappointment is going to huge as much he thought the bakery and bakery’s people are his family. The main character’s sadness also become a reason of this story is tragic. Charlie gained smartness by a surgery by comparison he lost too much of his people, mind, and job. In addition, he loses the intelligence also with his memory. He was deprived too much thing to have a moment of smarter than
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