Comparing Hansel And Gretl And The Ugly Duckling

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The major elements of Joseph Campbell’s analysis of rite-of-passage tales are confirmed and challenged in both Hansel and Gretl and/or The Ugly Duckling by showing the readers that the dynamics represented through both journeys of the fairy tales lead from misery to happiness in the end. Indicating that each fairytale brought about a heroine and a hero that went through different stages of darkness to transform into beautiful creatures with acts of kindness.
Both Hansel and Gretl and The Ugly Duckling were brought into the world where they were not accepted and not just by the people around them but by the person who should have had open arms and hearts to welcome them into the world they would call home. Hansel and Gretel were victimized by the ---- and in their story, they leave a trail of breadcrumbs to mark their way and trick the witch into not eating them which offers some form of strategic actions which serve as an emotional yet independent relief of letting go of the past.
Indicating that fairytale teach acceptance in life and there are many positive and negative possibilities within each individual which contribute to an integrated whole. Also, the
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Throughout the tale, the repetitive words of an outcast, different and ugly are indicated and this is where it leaves children to worry if they will be accepted in certain groups and/or if they are liked. Unfortunately, this fairy tale only portrays the happy ending at the very end when the animals start to love the swan for who he is but then again the swan does not know how to control all the publicity rather he begins to love himself even more. Declaring that this challenged element in The Ugly Duckling represents a moral message that what you desire in life is what you must continue to love and find happiness within yourself because no one truly ever will but
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