Comparing Hatchet And A Cry In The Wind

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I think that Hatchet does a better job of telling the story. The reason I think Hatchet does a better job telling the story is because it tells all of the good details and juicy delicious tails. But on the other hand, A Cry in The Wind it just tells some parts. For example, it really didn’t tell you about his mom having an affair with the man in the station wagon. But in Hatchet it tells you all about the affair. This is why I picked Hatchet as the book that does a better job telling the story to me. Paulsen did a great job of writing this book, because he writes it in a foreshadowing way. For example, he says that the pilot start coughing,wheezing, and had gas. That led the pilot to an heart attack. Also, when he threw the hatchet at the
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