Comparing Hate In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Hate is stronger than love. Why? Well, because you see how much hate someone can have for another. You hear more about how much someone hates another person. You smell a stench of people dead body or blood on the ground. You feel a cold dead body just laying there and don’t even have any regrets unless it is the only one you “love”. I believe hate is stronger than love. The Capulet’s and Montague’s don’t get along at all. They have hated each other for years. The Capulets are more of a proper wealthier family. They believe since they are top notch and one of the major families that they are better than everyone else and are able to do whatever they want. The Montague’s aren’t as rich and are more of a family that can do whatever they want. If the Montagues and Capulets stay away from each other then everyone is safe around them and everyone has a good time. But if the families are close to each other then someone is gonna try and start something. The Capulets love to start fight for mostly no reason. The Montagues don’t start the fight as much because all they wanna do is have fun. Mercutio is having a good time telling wild stories to Benvolio out by the beach. Tybalt and his gang decide to come on the…show more content…
Paris has fallen in love with Juliet and wants to marry her right away. Juliet hates that Paris wants to marry her because she is already married. She is willing to commit suicide, then just run or sneak out to Romeo. She threatens to kill Friar Lawrence because she wants to be with Romeo and not marry Paris. Juliet is annoyed by Paris and can’t stand really being with him at all. Even since she is so young and doesn’t matter that in the future Romeo and Juliet would probably get a divorce. After she finds Romeo dead, she kills herself and she is only 12 or 13. Then her family finally decides they should get along after maybe half the family is already dead because of all the revenge and hatred against each
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