Comparing Heart Of Darkness And Things Fall Apart

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Being caught up in a bubble of expectations, women have been categorized since the beginning of time. In third world countries such as Africa, it is actually worse for them whereas in first world countries females, have more opportunities. Chinua Achebe and his rival Joseph Conrad both wrote a book about life in Africa while it was being imperialized. Even though both of their novels deflected the inferiority of women, the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe just described how society viewed women, while Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad acknowledged them as gullible fools. Joseph Conrad is notorious for the way he describes the African Americans. Although his main character Marlow is intrigued by the way of the African Americans to cover up the racist remarks he creates, he also thought women belonged in this faint and oblivious world that would crumble like the ruins of Rome before dusk falls. According to Conrad,“[i]t’s queer how out of touch women are…It’s too beautiful altogether, and if they were to set…show more content…
Perhaps strength isn’t holding a grudge or spending an entire lifetime proving manliness. Strength is bearing all the negative comments about stereotypes and oneself and holding their head high. It’s bearing all the criticisms of the malevolent society and still finds a reason to keep fighting for their lives. A perfect example would be one of Okonkwo’s wives. Ekwefi “had borne ten children and nine of them had died in infancy…”(Achebe, 65). If she would have just given up at the fifth child, or even the ninth, he would have never had Enzima; Okonkwo’s most beloved biological child. Although, being a female is what kept him from adoring her. He would always remark how he would wish that she was a boy, because she was exactly what he wanted in a son. He couldn’t he love those qualities in her as a
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