Comparing Henderson The Rain King And A Raisin In The Sun

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Henderson the Rain King by saul bellow follows a middle aged millionaire named Eugene Henderson. He Inherited a large sum of money but he feels it's not his own, that he didn't earn it. He just feels unfulfilled with his life. So he decides to go to Africa to discover the meaning of his life. He arrives in Africa and departs from the group hiring a native guide named Romilayu. Him and Romilayu goes to a village where he makes friends with the villagers. He tries to rid their village of frogs that have plagued their water but ends up blowing up the frogs along with the water. Devastated he leaves the village to go to the Wariri tribe. There he becomes the rain king by raising a heavy statue during the rain ceremony. He also meets King Dahfu who becomes his friend. Dahfu talks to…show more content…
This is similar to Fahrenheit 451 when Guy Montag was trying to figure out why they burn books and what is in the books. He is also figuring out who he wants to become. If he wants to be life beete, burning books for the rest of his life or be like Granger and study what is in the books. Henderson is also similar to Walter Lee Younger in A Raisin in the Sun. In Henderson the Rain King Henderson tells his first wife, Frances that he wants to become a doctor and she just laughs at him. In A Raisin in the Sun Walter has a business idea that he thinks will make him a lot of money but no one believes that he could or should do it. My final comparison is in Fahrenheit 451. Faber and Dahfu are alike because in Henderson the Rain King Dafu helps and talks with Henderson about the things he is struggling with. In Fahrenheit 451 Faber helps Montag with understanding why they burn books and what are in the books. He also helps Montag rebel against the firefighters. These two characters acted as the protagonists confidant or advisor, someone they could discuss their problems
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