Comparing Henri Matisse's Woman With A Hat

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For this assignment I have chosen two paintings to compare and contrast. One painting is by Diego Rivera which is called “Man, Controller of the Universe” and the other one is by Henri Matisse, which is called “Woman with a Hat”. I choose these two painting because the one by Diego caught my eye by how busy and creative it was; and the artwork by Henri caught my attention because of how the colors were and how they were mixed to make another colors. To start with, both of the artworks may be paintings, but they are painted very differently. The artwork done by Henri Matisse is painted by brushstrokes of paint and views can see where the artist used brushstrokes. One brushstroke he did that kind of standout was the green on the women face. Henri said the reason he did that was because, the woman’s noise and forehead were the particular object. While Diego Rivera artwork was not…show more content…
In Henri Matisse painting he kind of used something like bright colors which made the woman stand out more. Most of the colors that were bright were like the colors pink, orange, blue, white, and green. In Diego Rivera painting the colors he used were natural and relax. He used color like dull green, tan, light blue, and red. The two paintings are also painted in two different ways. The painting by Henri is more like a portrait and it has many bright and mixed colors which made up other color. The painting by Diego is more like random things being put together. Viewers can notice the creativity he put into this artwork and how there is not much white space and that most of the art covers most of the whole thing. Overall the two paintings are very noticeable. They are noticeable because of the types of colors used in Henri Matisse painting and the creativity of Diego Rivera with different types of things being added into his painting. I also think Henri was creative with the mixed colors and the

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