Comparing Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, And Garrison Keillor

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Title Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Garrison Keillor all have something in common. They all like to write great stories. All of the stories are in different genres I guess some are scary and others are a comedy, they all write different kinds of stories. None of the stories are terribly long, but they cover a lot in the short stories. The story “Walden” is about being an outdoorsy kind of person. Wanting to run into the woods and live on your own in a cabin near a pond. He likes to invite his friends over to his cabin and entertain them. He likes to go and explore nature and he what he mostly likes is to explore ponds and examine them to see how they are different and how they are alike. He also likes to check out the local…show more content…
I have wanted to live on my own a thousand different times, but then I sit and think, how am I going to pay for everything or more importantly were am I going to go. I didn’t have the money to go and run off and think I could be ok by myself. Another time is when my mom and I would get in fights and I would go to my dad’s for awhile. But I couldn’t stay at my dad’s that long because I have to sleep on the couch when I am there because the house only has two bedrooms. My dad takes one room and my younger brother takes the other. My dad says he is going to get another house with three bedrooms so I will move in with him when he gets the new house. That’s all I wanted was freedom from being yelled at all the time for no apparent reason. I still kind of think about running away sometimes but after reading this poem I don’t think I will. There could still be a possibility if I get pushed to the edge but I don’t think I will. This poem definitely opened something up. Another thing to help with wanting to do something that could hurt you or someone else is to listen to a good song that is kind of like this poem that takes you through what it would be like if you wanted to do something

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