Comparing Heroes And Real Heroes In Homer's The Odyssey

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Most types of literature often include a realistic or fictional hero. There are many similarities and differences with how these heroes are portrayed in stories. Involvement in some sort of community is always an aspect of stories including a realistic or fictional hero. Realistic heroes are in places with people who have different personalities and strengths. Fictional heroes are places with people that have similar traits or abilities but the hero’s traits and abilities stand out. The differences between a hero and its community members do not stop them from doing the right thing. A priority to a hero is always helping and caring about other people. Both types of heroes go out of their way to help the people around them. For example, in The Odyssey,…show more content…
With fictional heroes, their community consists of people that portray very similar strengths and characteristics but the hero’s traits stand out. Many men around Odysseus exemplified strength and cleverness. The suitors back at Ithaca exemplified cleverness and strength when they tried to become king while Odysseus was gone and ended up fighting him once he arrived back. The suitors were very strong however, Odysseus was stronger and cleverer so he ended up winning the fight. This shows how the people around Odysseus share similar traits but his stand out. Communities with realistic heroes consist of people who all portray different characteristics and strengths. In the reality television show the biggest loser, all the trainers were not like Jillian Michaels. They each had their own way of motivating the people to lose weight because they all had different personalities. Jillian stood out as a hero because of her past experiences with being overweight. This allowed her personality and way of motivation to be different from the other
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