Comparing Heroes And Villains In The Avengers

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Just liked in the movie, The Avengers, superheroes and villains come to fight to save the humanity or hurts it. Heros could bring justice for the people and civilized the whole nation; unlike the villains, they brought seekers to people and lead them to tragedy. Heros, who tried to find villain 's plans in order to get one step ahead of the opponent(s). While villains acted like poker face or joker. Just liked no other battle like the first Battle of Bull Run that related to the movie The Avengers. It was where general 's’ plan to find a solution to get rid of their opponent once and for all. The two generals who secretly planning to get rid of them. They tried to find their success of the Confederate plan, however it was a failure and lack of coordination. A man named McDowell, who tried really hard to overcome and get a…show more content…
The same ways as the movie where there is a leader on each side leading subordinates to take action efficiently to defeat their opponent properly. In addition,the confederate were gathering information that took his movement away. The generals, who was trying to do what is best for the people and their safety. In addition, where the battle that took place in battlefield where men walked and take cover. Similar to the movie heros and villians have superpowers to roamed around the city or towns.The battle of the Bull Run were the people who are shooting all over the places and multiple of soldiers are dying. In the Avengers, heroes and villains have superpowers to fight each other to death. Both of these battles would fight to the end and to see who will get the victory. In the end, just how Abraham Lincoln had to deal with a lot of damage of what soldiers have done for the good for the people and society. In the movie, the heroes did a lot of damage in towns, city, etc. and is needed to be clean up (streets, buildings, cars, and roads) as soon as possible. Also, some of the helps of officers and firefighters to keep to citizen safety in the

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