Comparing Heroes In Beowulf And Oliver Queen

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Heroes: Fighting for the Small Guy What are heroes, exactly? To I a hero is a man or woman shaped by the values around them, to reflect the people's way of thinking and safeguard what they believe. None other than, the classic hero of old, Beowulf and the Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, the modern hero who safeguards the rights of the people against their oppressors. Both Beowulf and Queen embody and embrace the timeless values of bravery, selflessness, humility, and caring. Though what differs them is that while Beowulf may seek justice, he does so for the glory of it but, Oliver Queen on the other hand seeks justice in hope that it will create a better, freer, world for all.

Beowulf proved his courage when, with only his bare human hands, defeated Grendel and took the foul monsters arm. Considering no mortal weapon could
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He looked into the eyes of the evil forces, who very well wants to end his life, and instead of running away he stands tall and fights valiantly. The Seventh Circle, an evil force who wants to ensue madness by sacrificing the populations of Star City. Oliver refuses to allow this and ensembles a rag tag groups of other heroes to press on and fight against their corrupt ways, until their last breath.

Beowulf showed his side of caring by ensuring his people thrived and lived on in his kingdom. He protected the ones who relied on him with all he had, and even faced a dragon to ensure his people survived such a catastrophe. Oliver shows his caring nature in a more personal way, by putting his loved ones strifes over his own. He fought onlong his former partner Roy Harper, The arsenal, to defend the homelands to Roy’s adopted family against a malicious corporation. When his sister need closure considering her mother Oliver lead her down the path to find it and achieved

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