Comparing Heroes In The Brothers Grimm And Charles Perrault

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Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault. These men are authors of famous fairytales that kids grow up with all over the world; they are also the creators of heroes. Princes save the princesses, defeat the villain, and lead the whole kingdom to a “happily ever after”. While in older generations of fantasy stories, this same plot sequence is used over and over again. In more modern tales, all kinds of people, including women and children, are being re-made into the heroes and heroines of classic tales. Though all of these heroes may look different and have their own individuality, they all have some common traits, which make them successful heroes: Kindness, selflessness, and bravery.

Out of all the traits heroes and heroines have, kindness is the one people underestimate the most. While princesses are they only ones in
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Being a hero can obviously go to a person’s head, as shown in some classic fairy tales such as “Rumpelstiltskin” and “The Goose Girl”, both written by the Brothers Grimm, where the main characters become greedy. In order to be a hero, a person must not be selfish. Instead, heroes and heroines should display selflessness; helping people in need, while encouraging and inspiring others to join. Though it is their job, people like firefighters and police officers show this trait in every act they do. These men and women risk their lives for other’s safety, which in their mind’s, comes first. But, to possess selflessness, one does not need to devote their life to it. A man helping an elderly lady cross a street, risking being late to work, is showing selflessness. Pets and parents also show their unselfish hearts everyday throughout their lives, caring for the ones they love most. All people can set aside a little time to help others everyday, that is why anyone can become a successful hero if they put some effort into it and acquire the essential trait of
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