Comparing Hero's Journey In Percy Jackson And The Odyssey

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Fascinated by mythology, author Joseph Campbell studied the myth. He created the well-known title that virtually all myths, and roughly other story types, have similar ideas and the heroes' ventures are practically identical in their arrangement. The altered phases of voyage recognized to have originated to be called the "hero's journey." Homer shows Odysseus’s hero’s journey, “Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief” shows Percy’s hero’s journey. The Obstacle, mentor or the shape shifter are the archetypes that are being compared.
With every hero’s journey there comes a mentor, in “Percy Jackson” and “The Odyssey” there was an obstacle. The first archetype being compared between The Odyssey and Percy Jackson, is the mentor. Mentors guide people
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The shape shifter in the two stories turn good to bad or bad to good. Circe is a shape shifter because she hurts Odysseus but also helps him at the end. Circe starts by detaining Odysseus to make him her lover. Once she realizes he really loves his wife she helps him.
“who held me in her smooth caves to be her heartsease as Circe of Aeaea.”(1047) Odysseus returns to Circe’s Island, the goddess reveals his course and gives advice on how to avoid dangers he will face.” (P1071)(“Homer”) Circe changed her opinion on holding Odysseus for her own to help him go home this makes her a shapeshifter because she turned bad to good. Luke helps Percy at first by giving him the flying shoes and his favorite shield. Once Percy has made it out of the underworld alive and with the lightning bolt Luke was enraged when he saw that Percy was bringing the bolt to Zeus. “You’ll need these to help you get to the underworld” then he tries to kill Percy. “give me the lighting bolt Percy” Luke said. (“Percy Jackson”) Luke helping Percy in the beginning, then trying to take the bolt from Percy. Shows Luke tried to help then to hurt Percy makes him a shapeshifter. The shapeshifters were an asset but also a bullet to the hero’s
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