Hinduism: Third Largest Religion In The World

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Hinduism was originated in Northern India near the river of Indus. Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world, with having close to 750 million followers. Hinduism is also the oldest religion on Earth. Hinduism has no creator, it is based on Brahminism. Brahmanism is the early stage of Hinduism. Hindus believes that religion is more a matter of practice than belief. Hinduism believes in the God Brahman or in the soul of the universe. Brahman can take the form of many things that hindus worship for Gods or Goddesses. Hindus believes that there is a part of Brahman in everyone called Atman. Atman is a person’s individual spirit. Buddhism was originated in India by Siddhartha Gautama who was born in 563 BCE. Buddhism has about 500 million followers and is the fourth biggest religion in the world.…show more content…
He also disliked the caste system. The caste system is a system that shows how high ranked you are as an individual. You were only allowed to marry and be within your own caste. Siddhartha was born as a wealthy prince but left that all behind to find the true meaning of the world. He tried many different Hindu beliefs but eventually formed a belief system of his own and taught many others this way of believing. Siddhartha was known as the Buddha or as the enlightened one. Most of Siddhartha 's teachings are known as his Dharma which came from Hinduism. In this five paragraph essay I will be talking about how Buddhism and Hinduism are similar yet different. I 'm going to be explaining similarities between their different beliefs, but also the differences between their Gods and Holy
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