Comparing Hinton's The Outsiders Book And Movie

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The Outsiders is not only a book but a film. The Outsiders book was written by S. E. Hinton and was published in 1967. The Outsiders film was released in 1983 which is a good 26 years after the book. The Director of the Outsiders movie is Francis Ford Coppola. The Outsiders is about Ponyboy who is a greaser and the struggles that they face. The Greasers are a gang that are not very rich and are very disliked by the public. The Greasers are the first to be blamed while the Soc’s are just as bad. The Soc’s are the Greasers worst enemy. They are rich, spoiled kids, who have never had to work for anything in their lives. Although the Outsiders movie and book are different they are very similar to each other.
In the book Ponyboy the main character is walking back from the movies and is jumped by mean Soc’s. Ponyboy gets beat up badly before his brother and the other greaser chase the Soc’s away (Hinton 6). The Book also talks about when Johnny is nearly killed by Soc’s and is found almost dead. Johnny was found cut, bruised, and bleeding badly (Hinton 33). In the book when Ponyboy falls asleep in a lot and wakes up realizing he needs to go home. When he gets home Darry is angry at Pony for staying late. Ponyboy yells at Darry and he turns and Slaps Pony so hard he falls to the floor (Hinton 50). In the book there is a court hearing
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In both book and movie the Greasers sneak in the movies and meet Cherry. Also in the movie and book they read Gone with the Wind at the Church while they are hiding out (Coppola, The Outsiders). In the movie and book Randy the Soc comes to talk to Ponyboy about fighting in the rumble. In the book and movie when Ponyboy is walking with Cherry randy shows up. The Soc’s want to fight but Cherry makes them stop and goes with them. In Both the movie and book right before Johnny dies he says stay gold Ponyboy (Hinton 126). In the Movie and Book Johnny also leaves a letter for Ponyboy saying to stay
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