Comparing Hitchcock's Psycho And The Birds

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The Wrong Man was a film of Alfred Hitchcock 's that I had never seen before until the screening. The Wrong Man, although an anti-suspense film, is arguably thrilling by "chance itself" (Godard 1). The way the viewer thinks and reacts to the film echoes what would really be occurring in Manny 's head as he wonders what will happen next. When comparing The Wrong Man to Hitchcock 's Psycho and The Birds, the type of suspense Hitchcock employed within it is a very fearful kind. The audience will be on the edge of their seats, awaiting fright. In addition, the style of editing, such as the classic shower scene in Psycho, tended to mimic chaos and violence to induce terror. However, The Wrong Man makes the audience simply ponder upon what…show more content…
I found The Wrong Man and Rear Window to be a bit slow in pace, whereas I found that Psycho and The Birds had a quicker pace. Rear Window, like The Wrong Man, were similar in style of trying to solve a mysterious problem and were slower for me than the others. Perhaps this is another instance where Hitchcock 's brilliance shows. If this film was created like his other films, I feel as if it would not have been as effective. By demonstrating a pace similar to how the characters would be living day-by-day, it heightens the suspense that seemed to be lacking when compared to his other works as it is imitating the pace of if the viewer was in the characters ' shoes. Nevertheless, The Wrong Man did not have as abundant of thrilling aspects as Rear Window 's death of the dog, moments of screaming, wondering what will happen to Lisa in the apartment, etc. Even so, I am not sure if I would argue that The Wrong Man was a complete stylistic and tonal departure from his other works since I found its pace and chain-of-events to be similar to Rear Window. One thing that I can agree on is that I am continually impressed by the artistic genius in each Hitchcock film that I watch, constantly making him my favorite
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