Comparing Home Alone And The Ransom Of Red Chief

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Marv and Harry are the robbers found within the storyline of Home Alone and they show themselves to be very similar to the kidnappers in the story written long before their time in “The Ransom of Red Chief.” Marv and Bill have similar personalities. In both stories there's always a stupid partner I think this because one of them plans everything out and actually thinks about what they should do where the other one doesn't. Marv and Bill both end up getting hurt by Kevin and Red Chief. Harry and bill are also similar because
Both of the boys are alike because they both were involved in robbers that they basically controlled. Kevin annoys everyone in his family no one can handle him. In the movie everyone was in the kitchen eating and Kevin was fighting with his cousin and milk got spilt everywhere all over the food. His whole family all stared at him saying “look what you did”. No one was very happy that he was even going on the trip. Kevin got sent up to his room for the night. The morning they were leaving for their trip they forgot about Kevin and left him at home. He wakes up and realizes that he's home alone
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They end up getting beat up and wanting to give up because nothing is going the way they wanted it to. They expected it to be a easy job and that the little boys would be scared and go along with it. In reality the boys weren't scared of them. One of the outcomes in Home Alone is that the bad guys end up losing their hair and the little boy recognizes the one guy from pretending to be a cop!They ended up getting nothing at all from Kevin's house. In the other story the little boy ended up making the calls and hurting the one bad guy to where he wanted to give up and actually sent the little boy home. They wanted money for the little boy and in return they would give the little boy back. Little did they know that they would have to pay the money to his family and give the little boy
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