Comparing Horton's Slavery And The Making Of America

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In Slavery and the Making of America, James Oliver Horton and Lois E. Horton presented America’s slave-driven history through a series of stories that portrayed the inhumane acts that slaves suffered through. Together, the husband and wife have extensive knowledge in American studies as well as history. In fact, James Horton is considered one of the most important contemporary African-American historians. He is the current Benjamin Banneker Professor of American Studies and History as well as the director of the African American Communities Project at the National Museum of American History in the Smithsonian Institution. Along with his teaching profession, Horton was a historical consultant on various film and video productions on programs like ABC, PBS, the Discovery Channel, and the History Channel. James Horton’s wife, Lois E. Horton, is currently a professor of history at George Mason University. In previous years, she served on the scholarly advisory committee of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Lois and James Horton have coauthored numerous books that focused on African American communities and social change. The two co-wrote books such as Hard Road to Freedom, In Hope of…show more content…
It challenged the preconceptions that slavery was a dark chapter and did not contribute anything useful for the future. Instead, the Hortons showed that slavery was a huge influence on American history. From integrating their culture to fighting in wars, slavery has left a legacy in America. Unfortunately, while African American culture has survived through the decades, so have racial prejudices. This book was daring to shine a light at this sensitive topic. While lengthy in pages, each chapter held an exhilarating story about the strong slaves that earned their freedom. It was an educational yet fascinating read that helped the reader learn about the changes in
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