Comparing Huckleberry Finn 'And All Wear The Mask'

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Similarities To Huck Finn Throughout life people struggle to find their true self, and following social order. In the novel The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn the characters Jim and Huck have an issue with following social order and struggling to survive on the run to freedom. With similarity from other sources such as the movie Catch me If You Can and the poem “We wear the Mask”. These sources all share similarity to Mark Twain’s novel. Throughout The Adventures of Huckleberry finn, Catch Me If you can, and “We wear the Mask” shows the relationship and similarity between the following sources through Huck and Jim having similar characteristics. Firstly, in the story Huck finn, Huck struggles in finding his way to freedom. He left…show more content…
The poem illustrates humans hiding themselves in a certain way in which people think of themselves. Jim struggles greatly with fitting into society and remain social order. As the poem states “we wear the mask that grins and lies” (Dunbar) the quote significance is that individuals lie to hide themselves and the mask is our shield. Similarity between Jim and the poem is very similar by hiding who you really are to survive in the world. Jim has to hide who he is because he is a runaway slave from Miss Watson. Jim and other characters throughout the novel of The adventures of Huckleberry Finn use a “mask” to hide who they are. Jim becomes confused when he found out people all over the world spoke different languages, and could not comprehend why we are all treated differently if we are all the same “Well, it’s a blame ridiculous way, en I doan’ want to hear no mo’ ‘bout it. Dey ain’ no sense in it” ( Twain 60). In conclusion, Jim has a mask along with other characters throughout the novel, and the poem “We all wear mask” is a huge similarity to Huck Finn by the contrast between individuals lying and hiding who they are to
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