Comparing Hutchinson's Dead And Breathing

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The play “Dead and Breathing” by Chrisa Hutchinson, revolves around a seemingly bitter and suicidal old woman that is in the care of a nurse. Miss Carolyn is 68 years old, has cancer and is on dying. Although this is true she have been told that she would have six months to live two years ago. She is in the care of a nurse named Veronika that is not as well off as she is. During the play, you see Miss Carolyn wanting to die. Veronika does not have enough financial stability to get a child as she wants. She explains to Veronika that if she kills her, she will get 87 million and her house, leaving three percent for Martin that is her lawyer. Miss Carolyn makes a phone call to her lawyer stating that her new beneficiary was going to be Veronika. Veronika wants the money and wants to put Miss…show more content…
Throughout the play you find Carolyn insulting Veronika and pushing her buttons in hopes of getting her to agree to kill her. Veronika learns Miss Carolyn had a husband that died, and no children. Whiles Veronika reveals to her that she can 't have children, and she is transgender. Carolyn became extremely upset and insults her by saying that she is sorry and confused. After a while she seemed to accept her more. Veronika explains to her that the most untraceable way of killing her would be an injection to the neck. Carolyn and Veronika seems to develop a bond with each other, for Veronika explains to her that she is cool. Carolyn went on by saying that she is not a nice person, and she have done some very awful and vindictive things. She have ruined people’s lives and the reason she wants to die is because she believes she deserves to die. Carolyn explains that she does not have enough time to do positive in the world, and the little positive that she can do is the proposal she made to Veronika. She will have enough money to have a child and also have a house. Her last words to Veronika would be ‘thank

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