Comparing Irony In 'A Rose For Emily And The Outsiders'

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Anyone who has had the pleasure of tasting a chocolate bar and sweethearts can all agree on the fact that they are both different with a sweetheart you will notice that they are hard and round like a 2d figure they are a little bitter but as well with that sour flavor you will notice they are mostly sweeter than anything. With a chocolate bar a few things that set this candy apart from sweet tarts is that, a chocolate bar is flat and the bar actually has the brand name Hershey printed on it. Not to mention, Hershey 's milk chocolate is sweet, but it’s different with the first candy there are multiple flavors in one box and they are all fruity. There are many different kinds of Hershey’s chocolate but, milk chocolate it’s just one flavor when…show more content…
Though this theme is well supported the down side is,the difference between these two is that, in “A Rose for Emily” in the middle of all this tragedy she tried to work through it, but then decided that she couldn’t and in “The Outsiders” Dally did not even try to work through his loss he just reacted without even considering the fact of living through his loss. Likewise the authors in both stories show imagery,use metaphors,similes and personification to hook people into their storey. The imagery written by the authors is used because they want you to feel bad for the characters,the similes are used to make you think more, and the metaphors in both stories allow you to laugh and feel bad for the characters. Also both stories use a hook to grab the reader 's attention both stories have a lot of things in common and these craft moves are just a few of the things that make these two so similar. Although, “A Rose for Emily” and “The Outsiders” do have many similarities, including with craft,they do have some differences. Forentence the similes and metaphors used in “The Outsiders” is used for both tragedy and happiness and with “A Rose for Emily” the similes and metaphors are only used for tragedy and sadness. With “The outsiders” the author uses the craft move of the hook through the story as well as the beginning as , for “A Rose for Emily” the author does use good hooks as well but does not use one in the beginning. That goes to show many stories have many similarities, but along with those similarities, there will always be some
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