Comparing Islam And Christianity: The Beliefs Of Christianity And Islam

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Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions in the world, with 2.1 Billion and 1.3 Billion followers respectively. Each had their own rise, golden age, and eventual large-scale split. However, each religion spread in different regions of the world in different ways and developed their own traditions and structures. Christianity and Islam have similarities such as a large-scale split and a history of spreading through popular trade routes, while simultaneously having many differences such as where the two religions spread, the methods in which they spread, and the structure of their religious leaderships. One of the primary differences between the spread of Islam and Christianity is the directions in which they spread. Islam originated in Mecca, in the western region of the Arabian Peninsula. From there, Islam spread eastward, through the rest of the Arabian Peninsula and eventually, through most of the Middle East mostly through the silk road, reaching points as far east as the Indian subcontinent, and Indonesia via the Indian Ocean trade route. The eastward spread of Islam influenced cities such as Jerusalem, Baghdad, Basra, Medina, and many more. Islam’s spread east would become permanent, as Islam’s majority of followers today reside in the Middle Eastern region. Christianity, however, spread westward. From its inception in the Roman province of Judea as a derivative of Judaism, Christianity rapidly spread westward, through the Byzantine Empire, as well as

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