Comparing James Thurber And Walter Mitty

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Have you ever felt like you live more in a dream than in your real life? Well, that is what happened to Walter Mitty in his real life and in his day to day. Walter Mitty was an absent-minded driver and could not even handle simple mechanical tasks, becoming an incompetent person and that is what made Walter exceptional is his imagination. It was also a man who frequently imagined himself in thrilling situations. Walter was able to shed his timidity and exchange his imagined heroic fantasies for the real thing, in record time. Because of what I've read in the story, I realized that Walter Mitty was a person who dreamed a lot to compensate for his failings in the real world, Mitty creates an entire "secret life" for himself: a series of fantasies in which…show more content…
If you can sit and really pay attention to the story and also on James Thurber biography you can realize that between the two exist one incredible connection. James Thurber was a person with Charles Bonnet syndrome, what made him had complex visual hallucinations. The reason why he had that syndrome was because he was a blind person. After a while James found a perfect way to illustrate the wonders of his imagination, and it was when he decided to create Walter Mitty, a timid man who was forever being victimized by an arrogant, "know it all" society. For example, when Thurber was at home, he normally hallucinated many things and that's what happened to Walter Mitty every day; like one of the parts of the story when he imagined he was flying an airplane of the Navy through a terrible storm, when it was actually driving a car; his men were scared and his bravery gave them hope and courage. Walter Mitty went through many exciting experiences with a help of his wonderful imagination that offers him the possibility to experience action filled moments in the middle of an ordinary

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