Comparing Jealousy In The Story Of Cain And Abel

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When you betray someone, you basically stab them in the back and your loyalty no longer lies with them. In the text, (The Story of Cain and Abel) the Lord favored Abel 's offerings more than Cain 's which caused him to kill his own brother. Two reasons why people betray are because of greed and jealousy. Cain saw that Abel was getting better treatment than him and decided to kill his brother because of jealousy. In all, two of the many reasons why people kill are because of jealousy and greed.

When you are jealous of someone, you tend to want to be like them which tricked Cain 's mind into thinking that if his brother no longer lived, he would be able to be treated like Abel and have everything that he had. On the other hand, greed is when
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