Comparing John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Of Mice and Men Essay The quote "The best laid schemes o ' mice an ' men, [often go awry]." has a relationship and involvement with the novel, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. The quote explains that most plans that people make, often go off track and end up badly. The quote related to Of Mice and Men through the characters and the plans they had. George had a plan of independence, Lenny had a plan revolving around soft materials (mostly rabbits), and Candy had a plan of having a long working life. George 's plan involving independence went wrong when he had to start taking care of Lenny. He held on to a plan of getting his own place to live so he did not have to depend on anyone around him. It also went wrong when Lenny…show more content…
It started going astray in Weed when they were forced to run away and find new work. Their progress was good but Lenny 's desire for soft things ended up stopping one of his small plans of taking care of a puppy and raising it. Even though he was a good worker, he was forced to run when he accidently killed Curley 's wife when he panicked and refused to let go of her hair, when she offered him to pet it. In the end, he was killed and would never live his plan of taking care of rabbits and other soft animals. Candy 's plan of his life was to just work on the farm he was currently at. He was already old but he could still work. It started to lean into the range of him getting fired, when he accidently lost his hand to a machine. He knew he was going to get fired so he tried to make the best of it with his dog, that was soon then shot because of how old it was. It was a realization that Candy was going to get fired, so he attached himself to George 's plan, only so he did not end up fired and without work. The relation of the quote "The best laid schemes o ' mice an ' men, [often go awry]." does relate to Of Mice and Men for the plans that all the major characters had. the examples given were George and his independence. Lenny and his plan to live with George, tending to the soft animals. and Candy, having a contented life and living somewhere with someone that cared about him
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