Comparing Johnny Cade's Life And Suicide

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Johnny Cade,Died on April,30,1960.He was 16 at the time,and he lived on the east side of Tulsa oklahoma.Johnny went to Tulsa East High school.Outside of school,he enjoyed hanging out with his friends and going to the movies with his best buds. He considered them family.Since his family did not care for him when they were alive and he was young.Johnny Cade lived on the street for most of his life until his good friends Ponyboy,Curtis,Two Bit,Mathews,Sodapop,Darry Curtis,Dallas winston, and steve randle and johnny were not just Family they are his best buds they are always there for him.Also he survived by his mother and father 's johnny died a hero after injuries suffered s’]/,[ving young kids from a fire that broke out.He will be missed
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