Comparing Julius Caesar And Abraham Lincoln And Julius Ceesar

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President Abraham Lincoln and Julius Caesar made history by and through their governance on their own nations, both coming from two different time periods. People still look up to them even in today’s society as heroes. Both individuals shared so much power in their countries and can be compared by their life’s history in a variety of ways. Julius Cesar’s life and assassination was different than Abraham Lincoln but is comparable. Comparing their assassination shows both differences and similarities. As similarities, these two great men were once leaders in the past and their assassination is one the significant way of comparison between them. In both cases, the former U.S. President and Roman General were killed by people who were threatened by their power and authority.

Julius Caesar was born in July 100 BC in Rome, a Republic at the time, while the empire was just at its start. He was a Roman General Consul and author of Latin prose. He played a significant role in the events that led to the collapse of the Roman Empire. He was a leader in a nation the people were not involved in the government decisions. He formed a huge army which helped him conquer new territories. As he acquired more power, some senators feared he was becoming ambitious and dangerous. His excess of power made him a threat to the senators who declared he was a dictator. After five years of fight, Julius Caesar assassination was the result of a conspiracy by a group of Roman senators led in secret by
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