Comparing Juurassic Park And Alice Through The Looking Glass

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I am comparing and contrasting jurassic park and alice through the looking glass i have several similarities and differences and i shall give several examples. the theme/plot lie for jurassic park is that you should not mess with nature. I know this because in the movie the scientists “make” a new dinosaur which they should not do eventually the dinosaur gets out of its cage and every one is in a panic but at the end they kill the dinosaur and they abandon the park. Then they are all home safely. The theme/pot line in alice through the looking glass is you should never lie. I know this because in the story the white queen lies that she did not eat the cookie then the red queen runs away because she was blamed for eating it then she slips and her head gets really big which cases her in the future to burn the town with her dragon. So one little lie can cases mager things to happen in the future.…show more content…
It is also the same because they are both fictional stories i know this because in ali 's through it takes place in all these fictional worlds. In jurassic park it takes place in a park with dinosaurs but one day the dinosaur that they had made escaped and traised the hole park. In alice through the looking glass they kinda have the same situation in ali 's case she is trying to find the mad haters family but she thinks the the dragon killed them which is the same because. The dragon terrorised the town like in jurassic
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