Comparing King Arthur And Mitt Romney

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King Arthur and Mitt Romney Similarities King Arthur is one of the most recognized heroes of history. He is said to be the greatest king of all time, but who is a reincarnation of him? Who has the personality? Who has the dedication of this brave and noble king? Who could say that they could be a modern King Arthur? This would have to be Mitt Romney. He is helpful to people and makes sure they feel like they can trust him, he makes sure his family is being helped too, he tells the truth and makes promises that he tries to fulfill the best he can. The first reason why Mitt Romney is the reincarnation of King Arthur is because he makes people feel like they can trust him and he tries to be the most helpful to them as he can. This is a big thing to most people because if you were to trust somebody to lead a state, like he is now, or even a country that is hard to do. Some people say they could do it, but if they really were put in that position than they probably would break down or quit. Also being helpful and caring towards the community is a good way for people to vote for you and stick up for what you say because if you are the one standing up in front of a crowd saying something people think is right, but they would never say it because they don’t want to get made fun of or look bad than you’re their icon. King Arthur showed this for his knight he made him and his knight look like they can be trusted and that they could handle anything that was thrown at them. The
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