Comparing King James I And Sir Walter Raleigh

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King James I, Queen Elizabeth, General Sir Edward Coke, and Sir Walter Raleigh are all the characters. They each have their own story and exposition that they need to find out if Sir Walter Raleigh is guilty for treason on his country. Raleigh is jealous of King James for all his wealth and honor. Raleigh wanted attention and that’s why he tried to kill King James I more than once. I found out that Sir Walter Raleigh tried and plotted to kill. He hated me so much but, then I found out that Raleigh cheated on Queen Elizabeth. Also had an affair with one of Elizabeth’s maids. Then after that some of my servants told me that Raleigh was plotting to kill me again and almost succeeded. Raleigh was committed for treason because he was trying to
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