Comparing King Lear And American Horror Story

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Another major theme both stories share is power and control. In American Horror Story, Fiona Goode is the reigning Supreme of her witch generation. As you know, there can only be one Supreme in each generation, so once a successor emerges, the current Supreme slowly dies as the successor absorbs all of his or her power. Consequently, Fiona gets increasing weaker with each passing moment succumbing to cancer. For that reason, Fiona seeks to keep her powers and to become immortal by doing any means necessary. She concluded the only way to stay alive is to kill the next emerging Supreme. As you can see, throughout the entire show, Fiona struggles to find out who her successor while fighting to maintain her powers that are slowly being absorbed away. On the other hand in King Lear, Lear is deceived into giving his entire kingdom to his two daughters, Goneril and Regan. Unfortunately, Lear’s major error was stepping down from the throne and…show more content…
Between King Lear and Cordelia is the embodiment of authentic self-sacrificing love. Near the end of the tragedy, Lear learns a cruel lesson in humanity, and recognizes his error which is vital to his reconciliation with Cordelia. He finally realized Cordelia’s sincerity, and the depth of her love that was far more authentic compared to her sisters. Likewise, on the last episode, Fiona is seen bald and weary from cancer. Fiona admitted to her daughter when a woman becomes a mother, she cannot help, but see life in the little baby’s face. On the other hand, when Fiona looked at Cordelia, all she saw was her death. On the contrary, as she died in her daughter’s arms she came to a realized about how important Cordelia was to her, and that she loves her daughter no matter what. Despite the many instances where the mother-daughter tried to kill each other, Cordelia and forgave her mother, and embraced her as she succumb to
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