Comparing Kino's Greed In The Bet And The Pearl

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The Bet and The Pearl have moments of greed. Both Kino and the lawyer were both good examples of greed and how it could change theirs lives. Kino takes place in a town filled with either people poor or rich; there is no inbetween. Kino ends up finding a huge pearl that could be sold for a lot. He ends up going through a lot of trouble and ends up getting his son killed because of it. In The Bet the lawyer disagrees with the banker saying that solitary confinement was a better ruling than death. The banker says that if the lawyer can stay in solitary confinement for two years he will earn two million dollars. The lawyer said no to the 2 years and said that he will stay for fifteen years! Many times the characters in the literatures have no…show more content…
He started to see visions inside the pearl of success and how his child, Coyote, could go to school. He would learn how to read and write; all that his father wanted him to be able to do. Then Kino started to see a vision of a gun, “His lips moved hesitantly over this- ‘A rifle,’ he said. ‘Perhaps a rifle” (page 25). He always wanted a rifle something that no one in his village has ever gotten a gun and now he really is looking forward to it. Someone is not exactly liking the way that things have turned out, Juana. At one point she tried to throw away the pearl but got stopped by Kino. Kino ended up hitting her and knocking her to the ground. Juana could not believe that the pearl had made him do such a thing. She had no idea that an object like that could change a man, showing off his greed, “All the time Juana had been trying to rescue something of the old peace, of the time before the pearl.” (page 61). It is good to think of the furture of your family but to harm of of them so that the furture does not get spoiled is wrong. Kino had also killed a man that tried to steal it from him. Kino did not know the furture of what would happen. He thought of what it could have been and tried to make it come true. He thought that if he could sell the pearl and can get money, that his family could have a good life. He morally made a bet with himself to protect the pearl until they
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