Comparing 'Lemon Brown And Walter Dean Myers Thank You Ma Am'

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Short stories are written to share a lesson, or show and experience for the reader to relate to their own lives. Most stories show a challenge that someone has to overcome, such as a physical threat, or a mental confrontation that they have to face. In the story “Lemon Brown” by Walter Dean Myers, one of the two main characters, Lemon Brown, faced both types of challenges while having taught a message to the protagonist Greg Ridley. LIkewise, in the story “Thank You Ma’am” by Langston Hughes, Mrs. Jones caught a child named Roger who tried to steal her purse for a pair of shoes. When thrown into a problematic situation, even without a similar background in the slightest, Lemon Brown and Mrs. Jones address their problems similarly.. Both of the characters in their adjacent stories have a very prominent hazard in their experience. During Greg Ridley’s short encounter with Lemon Brown, a group of street thugs overhear them talking about a treasure, and had continued to engage them in the deserted building they were located in. As written in the story, “Greg went to the window and saw three men, neighborhood thugs, on the stoop. One was carrying the length of a pipe. Greg looked back toward Lemon Brown,who moved quietly across the room to the window.’ Later in the passage, Walter Dean Myers describes how they hide from the attackers, and eventually handle the problem head on by having Lemon Brown tackle them…show more content…
Jones, and does pay attention to the thugs besides that they needed to get out of the building. The text reads as such, “As Gre howled, the light moved away from Lemon Brown, but not before Greg saw him hurl his body down the stairs at the man who had come to take his treasure.” This shows that Lemon Brown has less regard for the person compared to Mrs. Jones, as Brown’s assailants present a bigger threat. Nonetheless, He handles the situation much different than Mrs. Jones
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