Comparing Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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While you read the back cover of the book Of Mice and Men and reading the descriptions of the characters you are probably thinking, why in the world would a tough and tall man like Lennie stick with such a little man like George? Well while you read the book, Steinbeck shows us through Lennie’s actions that he isn’t the brightest man alive, he is almost like a ginormous teddy bear, he loves to pet animals and he never does anything mean on purpose. But those characteristics get him into serious trouble. But George on the other hand, he is more of the tough one. He helps Lennie not get into trouble and when Lennie does he helps him get out of it and he never leaves his side, until Lennie makes the mistake of all mistakes. Now Lennie is a grown man, and you would think that he is responsible enough to take care of himself and make his own decisions but he is so used to George yelling at him orders to do certain things and to not do certain things but when Lennie makes his own decisions all goes wrong. and George has to go find a new ranch to work at, but they just had to get away or they’d be locked up. George told Lennie that if he ever got in trouble come and hide in this area that they had been at the…show more content…
How is that right? Now I really don’t think that it was completely right. I mean I get that he did it out of the kindness of his heart to help him not have to go and rot in a jail cell or get tortured and murdered. But I mean they should have just run away or he could have helped stop them from shooting him because I mean it’s not like she is going to miss Curley because she said it herself she didn’t like him at all, she got herself into trouble. Now Lennie could have let her scream and just have to get a few punches from Curley but he didn’t and it was his fault but he didn’t plan on killing her it’s not like he purposely killed her, or anything else for that matter. So I do think that killing Lennie was smart for the safety of
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