Comparing Lincoln's Speech On A Train To Gettysburg During The Civil War

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7 score and 14 years ago, Abraham Lincoln wrote his speech on the back of a letter; while on a train to Gettysburg during the Civil War. 2 score 14 years ago, a man named Martin Luther King Jr., or MLK, wrote a speech about his opinion that all men should be treated fairly, both getting just and fair rights. The speeches not only compare and contrast, but they also have a lot of meaning to a lot of people. The reader believes that these two inspirational speeches show similar visions of America, and the two men had personal views about how awful racism was.

These two remarkable speeches have a variety of things in common. To start off, the reader infers that both Lincoln and MLK want America to live in harmony without any trace of racism
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Lincoln’s speech gave the main idea of protecting everyone’s civil rights, while MLK supported the idea that racisms was very crude and should be stopped. Additionally, the Gettysburg Address was given at the Soldiers’ National Cemetery in Gettysburg, PA. MLK gave his speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial, during the Civil Rights March. From the Gettysburg Address, it claimed, “Now we are engaged in a great civil war…” The reader believes that the times they were written is a difference too. Lincoln's speech was written in 1863, while MLK’s speech was written in 1963. Furthermore, the Gettysburg Address encouraged people to fight for their rights and not give up, while the “I Have a Dream” speech said that African Americans should never give up, but fight with dignity and respect, not physical contact. The reader can surmise from this information that the Caucasian leader (Abraham Lincoln) wanted everyone to stand up for their rights and fight, while the African American leader (Martin Luther King Jr.) wanted to be respectful while fighting for their rights. The former referenced his speech towards the Declaration of Independence, while the latter had inspiration from the Emancipation Proclamation. Lastly, while Lincoln didn’t have any parallelism, MLK did. He said not only “I have a dream” 8 times; he also said “let freedom ring” 10 times. Doing this people walked away from hearing his speech with hope and
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