Comparing Linda And Lenina In A Brave New World

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Even though both Linda and Lenina come from The Brave New World, with time spend on the reservation, the differences and failure to maintain one’s self is prevalent. With Lenina taking soma instead of Mescal, her skin is tight her waist line thin and her appearance is young. To contrast, Linda’s consumption of Mescal has left her fat, smelly and visibly aged. In a Brave New World everyone is decanted to be perfect humans not individuals so when you stop the rituals that keep you youth full, you die by sixty., “because most of them die long before they reach this old creature’s age. Youth almost unimpaired till sixty, and then, crack! The end.” (Huxley, 75) While being exposed to a different society, even though their differences may be more obvious, there similarities begin to show as well. …show more content…

Linda put her hand on him and he felt safer.” (Huxley, 83) This is just one instance of Linda showing compassion for her son John. In Lenina’s conversation with Fanny we heat Lenina exclaim “But in the intervals I still like him. I shall always like him.” This shows that both woman love the same man just in different capacities. We see the maternal nurturing of someone who has been able to raise her own child, even though she has been taught otherwise. We witness the intense love portrayed by a wanting female going against what she has been told to seek

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