Comparing Lion King II: An Allusion To Romeo And Juliet

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Lion King II, an Allusion to Romeo and Juliet
Love and hate are powerful forces that drive today’s society, whether it is seen through a mother caring for her child or through destruction in war. William Shakespeare and Darrell Cooney, two very different writers, have both managed to create an emotional story about love, one through Romeo and Juliet and the other through Lion King II - Simba’s Pride. Romeo and Juliet explores the in-depth love of a couple and how it led to them ending their ancient family feud, while Lion King II explores how the relationship between a lion couple changed their destiny of fighting against each other into uniting their prides. Both texts display the theme of true love and its power as it triumphed over the conflicts
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In Romeo and Juliet, the two households were the Capulets and the Montagues. These two families were well known for their quarrels and public riots as seen when the Prince exclaims, “Three civil brawls, bred of an airy word, By thee, old Capulet, and Montague” (1.5.80-81). Remarkably, Romeo and Juliet were able to see past these differences and fall in love; however in order to be secretive, they required the assistance of a dependable parental figure. Friar Laurence, who was neither Capulet or Montague, fit this role. Wanting to end the feud, the Friar frequently helped the couple stay together as seen when he married them and later on set out a plan for their eternal love away from Verona. Similarly, Lion King II presented conflict between the two major groups Pridelanders and Outlanders. From the two families, Kovu and Kiara fell in love, but neither was accepted in the other group. In order to endorse their love they acquired the assistance of a trustworthy advisor, who in this case was Rafiki. After receiving a vision from Mufasa, Rafiki understood that the couple’s love could end the feud, therefore he lured them into the jungle and introduced them to the term “Upendi” meaning love. Being the religious head, Rafiki even married them later on, making sure their love lasts. Both Shakespeare and Darrell Rooney use the concept of conflict between two groups…show more content…
Shakespeare displays this through the death of Romeo and Juliet. When the couple killed themselves for the other, the two houses realized how foolish they were with their hatred. Ultimately they accepted each other as equals when Lord Capulet exclaims, “O brother Montague, give me thy hand” (5.3.313) and Lord Montague replies, “For I will raise her statue in pure gold / There shall no figure at such rate be set / As that of true and faithful Juliet” (5.3.315-318). In a similar fashion, Kovu and Kiara’s love helped end the Pridelanders and Outlanders differences. Although the couple did not die, they had a major impact on ending the feud. During the battle, Kovu and Kiara interfered and tried to divide the two sects. By giving a heartfelt speech about their absurdness, the two groups began realizing their mistake. Zira’s army turned against her and joined the Pridelanders showing their understanding of “we are one”. Both texts directly displayed the conquering force of love against the hatred amongst the
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