Comparing Lust In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet claim that they love each other, but that isn’t possible. How can they possibly be in love when they have only known each other for a few short hours before declaring their undying love and uniting in Holy Matrimony? Love is a limitless and condition-less devotion, based on an intimate knowledge, to another person, whereas lust is an emotional obsession based on physical chemistry and appearance. Lust initiates a desire to acquaint ourselves with someone, but our interactions with and increased knowledge of a person are what cause us to love. Romeo and Juliet definitely lusted after each other. From their first encounter, all either one did was praise the physical attributes of the other. They were chronologically unable…show more content…
Love at first sight is impossible because love only comes AFTER a couple knows each other for exactly who and what each other is. For example, Romeo swears to Benvolio and Friar Lawrence that he loves Rosaline, which he proves by describing her physical beauty. However, once he sees Juliet, he forgets that he ever knew Rosalline. He swears that he only loves Juliet, and that their love is real because she loves him back. How can either love the other when they know nothing about each other except what he/she looks like and how well he/she kisses? They haven’t had enough time or interactions to build a true and solid love. While there is no ideal length of time that has to occur before a couple can call their feelings love, they must have time to establish that emotional and mental connection. As we learn by Romeo and Juliet’s example, Friar Lawrence was correct--”those who run will fall”. Couples must take their time and get to know each other thoroughly before they take the “next step”--whether that might be becoming intimate or getting married. I do believe that there is only one “true love” or “right person” for everyone, but each person must take the time to find that person and get to know them so that each person finds his or her true
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