Comparing Machan's The Princess And The Frog

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Secondly, the poem to alludes to the commonly known fairy-tale, “The Princess and the Frog”. “The Princess and the Frog,” tells of a common girl who believes in being something bigger than herself, kissing the frog and finding true love. She only becomes a princess because she is willing to take the risk. However, in Machan’s version, the maid refuses to see herself in a bigger light, she refuses to believe she can be more than what her reality is. She states, “Me, a princess” (11). Hazel felt she could never be a princess, she felt like for a moment she could be more than just a maid nonetheless, she wouldn’t let her guard down to believe she could be more than what she puts out. Then she says, “A Golden Ball” (13). She stated that in sarcasm
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