Comparing Mark Antony And Butus In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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Have you ever wondered about the play Julius Caesar? You know, like about the characters and who they really were? This will help you understand the similarities and differences of the characters, Mark Antony and Brutus, in the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Together they had few similarities and a lot of differences. It’s easiest to tell you a few similarities first. To start off, they both wanted power and were willing to kill for it, whether it was Mark Antony trying to kill Brutus or Brutus killing himself for the better of Rome. Another similarity is that both Mark Antony and Brutus are powerful speakers. Some of their differences throughout the play are their fight in power over Rome, Mark Antony doesn’t care about Rome but Brutus would kill himself if that’s what Rome needed; their personal disposition throughout the play, Antony was very manipulative while Brutus is an honorable man; and the persuasiveness in their speeches to the citizens of Rome, Antony uses his brain and Brutus is very naive. I said earlier, Antony and Brutus have many differences. Let us start off with their fight for power over Rome. In my opinion, I can argue both of their sides in this fight. Brutus killed Caesar to save Rome which, all in all, was a good move, but it was also a bad move. Now he has started a war with Antony that he can’t win. Antony over all doesn’t care about Rome, he just wants to have the power. Antony is trying to take it from Brutus because Brutus killed his

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