Comparing Martin Luther King And Jim Jones's Interpretation Of The Bible

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Arguably one of the most quoted and referenced literary works in history is the Christian Bible, with several world leaders quoting it in major speeches, some even swearing upon it before entering office, it should come as no surprise that the bible would also be used to advance several different personal agendas. The Bible itself offers a wealth of information and the beliefs of millions of people around the world, but this same book is also fully open to its reader’s interpretation. Though some portions of the Bible are clearly laid out and self-explanatory leaving very little to question other passages can be removed from context, manipulated, and interpreted in an unimaginable number of ways. Which is perhaps why both Martin Luther King Jr. and Jim Jones utilized the Bible as a platform for their ideology…show more content…
used it to bring his followers together and to preach non-violence. These men may have had very different end-goals but their means of achieving such are rather similar and both deeply rooted in biblical faith and scripture. Before one can discuss the biblical interpretations of Jim Jones and Martin Luther King Jr. they must first understand how they both fit the bill for what is necessary to be deemed a charismatic leader. As defined by Max Weber charismatic leadership depended upon the relationship between the leader and their followers, holding certain superhuman traits that seemingly separated a person from the masses, the creation of an idolized persona, and being able to move through the hierarchy of becoming a charismatic leader. Following such a definition it is clear to see that both of these men fit the bill. Martin Luther King Jr. was able to rise to a position of power and maintain such during a time of severe oppression, and from that position he was able to lead his followers through the struggles the had faced in a peaceful
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