Comparing Maven And Mare's Goals Toward The World

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Most of all, both Maven and Mare share the same goals toward the world and people such as newbloods and Cal, however, the actual goals are different. Their goals toward the world are quite against each other. Maven’s aspiration toward the world is to lead everything, to control others especially the Reds, and to be the king (Aveyard, 2015, p. 338- 341). In contrast, Mare’s goal toward the world is demanding the equal rights between Reds and the Silvers, she doesn’t want racism, and the Reds to be slaves, therefore, she associated with the Scarlet Guard’s rebellion (Aveyard, 2015, p. 1- 163). Moreover, Maven seems to be crueler than Mare due to their ambitions toward the newbloods. As Mare tried to escape from Maven, he aimed to kill the newbloods to win her heart and make her giving up (Aveyard, 2016, p. 249). Nevertheless, Mare put all her effort into her commitment that she would protect the newbloods from Maven, and never let him found them before she did (Aveyard, 2016, p. 30). In addition, toward Cal, Maven and Mare have particular purposes against each other.…show more content…

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