Comparing Mccandless And Henry David Thoreau

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The bold and brash approach on life by transcendentalists was truly an ambitious lifestyle. Such individuals like Henry David Thoreau, Chris McCandless, and Jon Krakauer have renounced all of their mainstream agendas to lead a more fundamental life, but not without the criticism other have faced. The actions portrayed in their novels demonstrate how important it is to incorporate others’ ideas when one’s own choices. As the world was in the midst of transforming, Henry David Thoreau yearned to yield away from the evolving world, as he considered them corrupt opportunists who are deprived of their true nature. Thus he escaped to Walden Forest, where he would live the resources. But in a normal journey through Walden, he encounters a humble village, where he wreaks havoc, expressing his philosophies while trying to convert the villagers. In a journal entry written afterwards Thoreau writes, “I might have run “amok” against…show more content…
Their beliefs led them to be unmoved by the feedback of their peers. Towards the end his novel, Thoreau remained an overly negative character whose beliefs remain unscathed in the social conflicts he endured. In a similar situation, McCandless shares the same ideals as Thoreau, as his literary collection noted quotes by Thoreau. Despite all of the people he met along the way, no one made a persuasion effective enough to change his mind or view on his transcendentalist views. Treadwell’s ideas can be used in comparison as he was very headstrong in his notions. For thirteen years, he maintained the same passionate desire to protect the bears and live amongst them. The three men described prior bear a heavy reputation of judgement when seen in action, each with a notable similarities. Each man have demonstrated how important it is to incorporate others’ ideas when one’s own choices, making even the most contradictory point-of-views beneficial to any
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