Comparing Mccarthy's The Road 'And' Miles City, Montana

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for their desert” (41). It shows that they both are greedy, finally, they eat vegetables and drink tea. Moreover, they also sit and talk with each other without any fear.
When the father has a wound in his leg, it is bleeding badly, then the boy does not want to go anywhere. The boy just sits in front of his father which shows that how much he is taken care of his father. The father asked, “Bring me the water bottle. The boy brought the bottle and the man unscrewed the lid and poured water over the wound and held it shut between his fingers while he wiped away the blood” (266). It shows that the relation between the father and the son is marvelous. When the father is sick, the boy is taken care of his father. However, when the boy is not well,
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Where the father taught his son how to survive in the life, the son also follows the path of his father. The son does not against his father. To the son, his father is only hoping to survive in the life because her mother commits a suicide. They love as well as care each other and they do not want to live without each other. However, in the story, “Miles City, Montana,” Munro underlying the theme of the love between the parent and children, while the parents do mistakes, but at the end, the children must forgive and forget the mistakes and live their life with their parents. The parent-child relationship that has a huge effect on the way that the child with the turnout. Through the life, the bond between a child and a parent will gain and expand in any way. Moreover, the author of the novel, The Road, and the story, “Miles City, Montana,” depicts that the relationship between parents and children are

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