Comparing Miles Davis's Life And Work

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The artist that I decided to write my report on is Miles Davis. Miles Dewey Davis III was born on May 26, 1926 in Alton, Illinois and passed away on September 28, 1991 in Santa Monica, California. Miles Davis is remembered as one of the greatest Jazz musicians to ever live. He was one of the most influential Jazz artist of all time. Davis played the trumpet. He was shown the trumpet at the age of 13 when his father inspired him to start playing it. When Davis was only 13 years old, his father had one of his good friends Elwood Buchanan help him play the trumpet and Davis quickly caught on and had inordinate talent. Davis caught on to playing the trumpet so fast that by the age of 17 he was playing professionally. His trainer Elwood Buchanan knew that he would be something great one day, even after the first day he played the trumpet at the age of 13. He caught a surprise when Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker asked Davis to join their band because one of their bandmates who played the trumpet prior to Davis had become ill. After Davis spent a few year playing with these two guys, he graduated high school and decided he was going to move to New York to attend a Musical Art school known as Julliard School of Art. A short year later,…show more content…
This album was unlike any of his other albums having different synthesizers and drum loops. After Davis had released this album, he went on to win another Grammy. During his entire career, Davis went on to win 9 different Grammy awards. Then in 1989, Davis came out with his final album that was called “Aura”, which he had created in 1985, but he did not release it until 1989. This album also won him a Grammy. During 1993, Davis received his final Grammy, which was given to him for all of the work that he had done in the genre of Jazz. One short year later, Davis started getting sick with pneumonia and respiratory failure and went on to pass away at the age of

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