Comparing Minutehound's Fingerprint Time And Attendance System

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Having a time and attendance system to keep time is important. In 1888, Willard Bundy invented the time clock, but since that time, time clocks have not changed much. That is, until recently when MinuteHound brought their fingerprint time and attendance system to revolutionize the time clock industry. Wouldn 't it be great if you could know exactly where people are at all times? On average, businesses in the United States pay around $3.7 trillion on their payroll each year. Experts estimate that businesses lose around $148 billion because of inefficient time card punching processes.

How do business owners lose so much money to time card punching? Losses can be simplified to buddy punching and schedule exceptions, which are going to happen in almost every business. Buddy punching means that fellow coworkers will clock in for each other, and schedule exceptions happen as a result of employees clocking into work early or leaving work late. That results in paying for time that they weren 't there. On average, these time keeping inefficiencies will
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Instead of paying $1,100 every year per employee for bad time keeping, you can spend the money saved on a refreshing vacation or fancy sports car. That might sound somewhat frivolous, but the main idea behind the fingerprint time and attendance system from MinuteHound is that you have control over how you choose to spend your money.

What are some of the things that the fingerprint time and attendance system from MinuteHound can eliminate? First, the fingerprint time and attendance system eliminates buddy punching completely. Second, you never have to worry about lost time cards again. Also, the fingerprint time and attendance system makes sure that the time is never out of sync, and the technology ensures that the date isn 't out of sync. In other words, you don 't have to pay for time keeping errors that aren 't your
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